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Woodridge Elementary

Dekalb County Schools



Founded in 2014, Georgia Parent Teacher Organization is the only statewide network of autonomous parent and teacher organization chapters dedicated to increasing K-12 parental engagement.  In most recent studies, the two leading factors that best indicated a child’s academic success were: engaged parents and effective teachers.  Through its collaboration with parents, teachers and school leaders, Georgia PTO works to support members’ effort to ensure every child in Georgia achieves their full potential.

Georgia PTO strives to reach this goal by providing its members with information and resources to guide them in becoming better advocates for their children.  By creating coalitions with parents, schools, community leaders, community-based organizations and many other concurrent groups, we are making our voices heard to promote transformational changes that enhance every child’s future.  Georgia PTO is committed to supporting a statewide effort to educate our kids, equip our schools, empower our parents and teachers and engage our policymakers on the issues surrounding expanding educational opportunities. 

Membership in the Woodridge Elementary PTO is both mandatory and free.  Your child’s enrollment at Woodridge Elementary School grants you and your child’s support structure membership in the PTO.  Anyone can be a member: Parents, Guardians, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Neighbors and Siblings!